Batavia Mutiny
Episode 6- Murder Island

The story of the Batavia was one of the most mysteries sea disappearances after it vanished in 1629, there had been numerous searches in efforts to locate the Missing ship. It wouldn’t be until 1963 that the wreckage of the missing would be found. Combined with what was found on a nearby island. It became the most horrific mystery in history.
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Red Barn
Episode 3- Murder in the Red Barn

After years of back luck with love, Maria Marten meets and fall in love with a handsome farmer. She becomes pregnant and they are set to marry. But when Maria Disappears, the town of Polstead begins to question William Corder on her where abouts.
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Flannan Isle
Episode 2- Flannan Isle

“As we grew closer to the isle, a sense of foreboding washed over me. Through my glass I could see the lighthouse flag wasn’t hoisted and the provision boxes were not out to be restocked. The keepers, who traditionally welcomed the arriving ships were nowhere to be seen. The captain sounded the ships whistle, but there was no response. Then he sent up a rocket, but no one showed.
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