Walk down the Hidden Staircase with a dramatized podcast. With bi-monthly episodes that will take you to the past with cases of True Crime, Mysteries and the dark side of History.

The podcast has been described as an old radio drama about true crime.

About your Librarian:

Samantha found her love of True Crime at a young age, the first case she remembers was that of the Murder of JonBenet when she was 8. Her passion continued wanting to learn all she could, she read numerous books on Jack the Ripper, Lizzie Borden and more.

With her love of learning, she started working with the American Crimecast Podcast. Shane Waters helped her develop her researching skills and she then wanted to start her own Podcast.

Samantha wanted to do something new, something she hadn’t heard in other podcast. She decided to only do cases that were pre 1950’s that listeners may not have heard of. Then she took another step, she wrote her scripts with parts for others. Turning her podcast into an audio drama of sorts.

That’s how The Hidden Staircase was born, with her and the help from amazing voice actors, bringing life to each case.

So, grab your laptop, your phone or whatever you listen to your podcasts on, curl up and take a trip down the Hidden Staircase.

Don’t forget to lock your doors and hold tight to your flashlight.

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