Mary Hobry
Episode 10- Mary Hobry

“Hell Haith No Fury, like a woman scorned” That phrase is certainly true when it comes to this story.

A woman who had enough of her husband’s abuse, who freed herself by taking action.

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Mary Hobry was a French Catholic Midwife in England. She was married to her Husband Denis in 1684. Denis wasn’t kind, he drank all the time and wasted the money she earned and beat her frequently. Mary wanted a separation and sought for his approval. Denis Refused. Mary often thought of suicide, and running away from him. That was when Mary warned Denis that he didn’t change she would kill him.

Denis came home one night in a drunken stupor and punched Mary in the stomach, and attempted to force himself on her. Mary resisted, and Denis violently beat her then he fell asleep. Mary cried, she didn’t know what she should do. She couldn’t continue this way, he would surely kill her. That was when she remembered what she told him. Gathering herself, she walked over to the bed where he was sleeping. She pulled a garter off his leg and strangled him.

There Denis’ body stayed for three days, until her and her son could figure out what to do. Mary didn’t hand any money to get away, so they had to think of something she had to dispose of the body. That was when she decided to cut off his head and limbs. Her son told her to not throw them in the river so with his help, she threw the torso on a dunghill far away from their home and tossed the limbs and his head in separate privies in the Savoy Palace.

Mary lived in peace for a couple of weeks, however, people started finding pieces of Denis’ and it was

discovered that Mary had murdered him. Mary did not hind this fact at all. She told her from beginning to end. About the abuse, that she spoke with Denis to separate and his refusal. Mary said that she couldn’t take the pain anymore and killed him.

Mary was sentenced to death on February 22nd 1688 and was burnt at the stake march 2nd 1688.

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