Emilie Sagee
Episode 11- Doppelganger

Is a look-alikeor double of a living person, sometimes portrayed as a ghostly or paranormal-phenomenon and usually seen as a harbinger of bad luck

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The history of Doppelgängers was first discovered in German Mythology, they were usually described as evil in nature and would normally harm their look alike or cause them to harm themselves by putting malicious thoughts in their minds.

Doppelgängers can appear to us in many different ways, we can see them out of the corner of our eyes, noticing them in the distance, or standing behind us while we look at our reflection.
There are several documented stories about someone seeing their double, and sadly, it has ended in death.
Abraham Lincoln had seen an apparition of himself on his election night November 1860. He was sitting on a couch in the company of his wife Mary. He happened to look up and, in the mirror, he saw a pale ghostly image of himself. As soon as he stood, the apparition disappeared. Mary became hysterical, claiming it was a bad omen. Unfortunately, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated April 14th1865 while at the Ford’s Theater by John Wilkes Booth. Was Mary right in believing that the apparition was a bad omen?

Next was the story of Percy Bysshe Shelley, he was a wonderful poet, but is mainly known for his wife. The Author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley. In 1812, he had confessed to his wife that he had seen himself several times. But, what terrified him was the last time. He told his Mary that his double had spoken to him. Asking, “How long do you mean to be content?” Whether Mary had Believed her husband is not known, but shortly after confessing, Percy Drowned in a sailing accident…

But the story of Emilee Sagee and her doppelganger did not involve death, in fact, she never saw her doppelganger. It was everyone else that did…
Emilie Sagee started teaching when she was sixteen years old. But she could never hold a position for very long. By the time she started teaching at Pensionnat in 1845 she had been employed and fired from eighteen different schools. No one knew why, until a journal was discovered. It was written by one of her students at the Pensionnat, Duchess de Guildenstubbe, she recalled the story to a writer about her very strange teacher.

She was a very liked teacher, always attentive and she cared a great deal for her students. But shortly after she started teaching at the school, the girls began to talk. They claimed they were see their teacher in two different places at once. One girl would see her in the library, but another would say she just saw her in another room. They must have been mistaken, since that was impossible, at the time they let it go.

It started to become more frequent, and the girls couldn’t ignore it any longer, they decided to talk to another teacher about Emilie. She is a very strange person, they started. But when they told the teacher what was happening, the teacher laughed, she said they were too imaginative and sent them on their way.

One morning, while Emilie was teaching a class of 13 students, the girls became scared when another Emilie appeared next to her. She was mirroring everything the real Emilie was doing, then vanished shortly after. This became the talk of the entire school, and caught the ear of the Director, Mr. Buch. He brought the girls to his office and asked them about what happened. They each told him the same thing, that while Emilie was writing on the blackboard a double appeared and started mimicking her every movement, but she didn’t have any chalk.

Despite hearing the same story, he dismissed it. He stated they were dreaming and to never speak of it again.

When it happened again, that’s when Mr. Buch became worried. A student by the name of Antoinette de Vrangle was getting ready to go to a festival with some of her friends. Emilie had come to her room to help Antoinette get ready. As Emilie was buttoning up her dress, Antoinette looked over her shoulder to see two Emilie’s helping her. Frightened by this, she faints.

Mr. Buch begins to wonder if all the girls have gone absolutely mad. He starts asking around to the servants at the school and is surprised when they claim to have seen the same thing. That Emilie has split in two. One servant stated that on one occasion, she had seen the apparition standing behind Emilie as she was eating, moving the same way as Emilie was.

Soon after, teachers started to come to him telling him they were seeing Emilie’s double as well. One evening, when Emilie was sick in Bed. One of her students came to give her company and read to her. While she was reading the girl looked and saw Emilie was becoming pale and stiff as if she was about to faint. She asked Emilie if she was feeling worse, but she denied it. Soon after, the girl looked over her shoulder and saw Emilie’s double pacing around the room.

After a few days, Emilie was feeling better and decided to work in the garden. At the same time, all 42 students were sitting in the sewing room, the windows were opened and facing the garden. As the girls were working they were able to see Emilie working in the Garden. There was a supervisor at the end of the table sitting in a green leather chair. She stands up to leave the room for a moment, but when the girls look back to the empty chair, the see Emilie’s form appear.

The girls, looked to the garden to still see Emilie working in the garden, but her movements were slower, as if she was becoming tired. They turned back to the chair that her apparition was now sitting in. One of the girls, stood and walked over to the green leather chair, slowly, she lifted her hand and touched the apparition. She said it felt like muslin or crepe material.

When the girl returns to her seat, the apparition slowly vanishes, and the real Emilie was moving at her regular pace.

This goes on for months, Mr. Bush is terrified and worried, he fears that this sort of thing would damage the schools reputation… Unfortunately, he was right. Many of the parents started hearing the stories from their children and began pulling them from the school. After eighteen months, only two students remained. He liked Emilie very much, but he had to let her go…

Emilie never wrote about this… She never saw her own doppelganger, she didn’t feel anything different, she claims that she only knew about it from her students, and the looks on their faces when they saw her double. Emilie went to live with her sister-in-law and retired from teaching. After Emilie’s passing and the discovering of the story, a reporter went to speak with her surviving nieces. When asked about the phenomena, they smiled and told them that it was true. They were so used to seeing two of them they always said.

“We have two Aunt Emilies…”

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