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Episode 14


Museums are a magical place, they have the power to take you back in time. Each object on display, tells a story.

But what you may not be aware of, is that there are some objects that are not on display. Some that have a history so dark. That they must be locked way. One of these objects is a Chest of Drawers.

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Grace Brown
Episode 9- Murder of Grace Brown

Grace Brown was a farm girl who moved to the big city, she meets and falls in love with Chester Gillette. Grace becomes pregnant and wants Chester to marry her. When Grace’s body is discovered in a Lake, they looked to Gillette. But, could he have murdered her?
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Nora Fuller
Episode 8- Murder of Nora Fuller

On January 11th, 1902, 15-year-old Nora Fuller left home to meet a potential employer. When she isn’t seen for almost a week, her mother finally notified the authorities. What they unravel are a series of calculated plans and secrets that still baffle some today.
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